About P3A Productions

About Sheena

Sheena Green, owner of P3A Productions has worked in the creative field for over a decade. After graduating from Iowa State in 2005, she worked for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University as a graphic designer for 5 years. Looking for a change of pace, she accepted a position with Mittera Group in Des Moines, Iowa, as an Assistant Art Director. This led to opportunities in photo direction, product styling, packaging design and the exciting world of political, direct mail.

Upon being given the opportunity to turn a hobby into a career, she left full-time creative work and ultimately became the Training and Range Programs Manager at CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston, Iowa, after three years. Unable to turn her creativity off, she invented targets for Fun Shoot Leagues and put together videos for the CrossRoads YouTube Channel in addition to standard design work.

Currently, Sheena is the Director of Marketing for Effluent Inc. and still helps out at CrossRoads and teaching firearms lessons in her spare time.

A complete resume can be requested by using the Contact Form.

What does P3A stand for?

P3A is a boiled down version of Per Angusta Ad Agusta, which is Latin for, From Trial to Triumph.

There’s a reason latin phrases are capable of withstanding the ever-changing world of language and slang. They resonate with truth.

P3A Productions company philosophy is to persist regardless of setbacks, be committed to learning and seek relevant training, have fun, and change the world through continual improvement of oneself.

My success is not happenstance, it is a culmination of all the work and inherent trials that come along with it. This company would not exist if there were no struggle. I’ve been inspired by this video and even though it focuses on physical fortitude, the same can be applied in other areas of our lives.


A P3A Enterprises Company

p3a enterprises Sheena Green Female Firearms Instructor

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